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A new way to prepare Gr5 titanium alloy wire

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  At present,the processing method of titanium wire usually uses hot Pullout way, when you pull aside, the first line blank surface coated with graphite and then heated to a certain level be drawn, this method is the high cost of production, Pull the wire size accuracy, and the use of graphite lubrication, not only poor workplace environment, and pull out the wire surface defects is not easy to reveal, thus influencing the wire product quality, bring hidden dangers for the follow-up process.Today,the passage mainly presents a new way to prepare Gr5(6Al 4V)titanium alloy wire.

  The new way includes the following steps: after annealing, placing an annealed titanium alloy wire blank into a container containing coating agent for heating and stewing, so as to ensure that the titanium alloy wire blank is coated by a protecting film layer; then placing the titanium alloy wire blank onto a linear wire drawing machine for continuous cold drawing. Through the adoption of the process, the linear velocity of the titanium alloy wire blank can be 16 to 40 m/min during cold drawing, so that the production efficiency is greatly boosted; the yield is high,both the dimensional precision and surface quality of the titanium alloy wire are effectively ensured.


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