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About Titanium

  • Why titanium alloy is used for aerospace?

    A titanium alloy commonly used for airframe structure parts is Ti-6Al-4V (acronym; Ti-64), which accounts for 80 to 90% of the titanium alloys generally used for aircraft. Why titanium alloy is used for aerospace?

  • How about baoji xilitong's titanium forgings?

    The titanium forging process gives the metal a sophisticated structure that enhances its strength.Baiji xilitong's titanium forgings can provide the help for the mining, gear, aerospace, energy, offshore, chemical processing and defense industries run.

  • The definition and application of titanium bar

    Titanium bar/rod is a material with light weight,high strength,excellent meachanical property,good corrosion resistance,etc.

  • Characteristics of titanium sheet

    Titanium plate there are two kinds of performance standards, GB GB/T3621-2007, GB/T13810-2007, B265, ASTM American Standard is ASTM F136, ASTM F67, AMS4928.

  • Could Titanium plates be left in the body safely?

    Patients who have metal plates, pins, and screws in the body are rightfully concerned about the safety and long-term effects of these devices left inside. Surgeons share those concerns but do not want to perform an additional surgery to remove them if unnecessary. Dr. Dennison zeroes in on titanium plates used to treat distal radius fractures.

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