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About Titanium

  • Mysterious Titanium price

    Titanium prices are subject both to long term trends and periodic volatility. Higher costs for raw materials and energy, as well as increasing demand for titanium in a range of consumer products, work to increase titanium prices.

  • About medical titanium

    From surgical titanium instruments to orthopedic titanium plates, pins and rods, medical and dental titanium has truly become the fundamental material used in medicine.

  • The production of titanium plate

    Titanium plates are blocks of pure form titanium metal that are thicker than 0.25 inches and are prepared to be used in secondary fabrication processes.

  • Why titanium alloy is used for aerospace?

    A titanium alloy commonly used for airframe structure parts is Ti-6Al-4V (acronym; Ti-64), which accounts for 80 to 90% of the titanium alloys generally used for aircraft. Why titanium alloy is used for aerospace?

  • How about baoji xilitong's titanium forgings?

    The titanium forging process gives the metal a sophisticated structure that enhances its strength.Baiji xilitong's titanium forgings can provide the help for the mining, gear, aerospace, energy, offshore, chemical processing and defense industries run.


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