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About Titanium

  • Titanium bar for airspace, especially grade5 TI 6AL4V

    How to make it GR5 6AL 4V AMS 4928S Titanium bar?Such as:Ø100x3000mm1.Titanium ingot size:560mmxL2.forging size:300mmx300mmxL

  • The Area of Titanium Metal Application.

    Titanium industry chain can be divided into the following four parts: 1. Ilmenite, rutile and other primary mineral beneficiation, through physical methods to obtain higher grade concentrate 2. Through the re-processing of the concentrate purification system to obtain high-purity titanium dioxide to be used for the titanium dioxide industry. 3. Through the oxidation of titanium dioxide, reduction and other means to generate titanium tetrachloride, intermediate products are made into titanium sponge 4. Through the sponge titanium casting processing, preparation of crystal structure of dense titanium ingots, for the production of titanium and titanium alloy.

  • Mysterious Titanium price

    Titanium prices are subject both to long term trends and periodic volatility. Higher costs for raw materials and energy, as well as increasing demand for titanium in a range of consumer products, work to increase titanium prices.

  • About medical titanium

    From surgical titanium instruments to orthopedic titanium plates, pins and rods, medical and dental titanium has truly become the fundamental material used in medicine.

  • The production of titanium plate

    Titanium plates are blocks of pure form titanium metal that are thicker than 0.25 inches and are prepared to be used in secondary fabrication processes.

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