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About medical titanium

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  Because titanium resists corrosion, is biocompatible and has an innate ability to join with human bone, it has become a staple of the medical field. From surgical titanium instruments to orthopedic titanium plates, pins and rods, medical and dental titanium has truly become the fundamental material used in medicine.

  Titanium 6AL4V and 6AL4V ELI, alloys made of 6% Aluminum and 4% Vanadium, are the most common types of titanium used in medicine. Because of its harmonizing factor with the human body, these titanium alloys are popularly used in medical procedures, as well as in body piercings. Also known as Gr. 5 and Gr. 23, these are some of the most familiar and readily available types of titanium in the US, with a number of distributors specializing in these specific grades.

  Ti-6Al-4V and Ti-6Al-4V ELI offer greater fracture-resistance when used in dental implants. The implant procedure begins with the insertion of a titanium screw into the jaw. The screw resembles and acts like the root of the tooth. After an allotted amount of time has passed for the bone to have grown into the medical grade titanium screw, a fake tooth is connected to the implant.

  Benefits of Medical Titanium



  Corrosion Resistant



  Biocompatible (non-toxic AND not rejected by the body)



  Osseointegrated (the joining of bone with artificial implant)

  Long range availability

  Flexibility and elasticity rivals that of human bone

  Most all of us know someone who has required orthopedic surgery to replace a failing hip socket, shoulder joint or severely broken bone. It’s very likely medical grade titanium was the material of choice for the surgeons when reconstructing these parts of the body. As evidenced in the previous section, natural titanium properties make it a perfect alloy to be used within the body.

  Medical grade titanium is used in producing:Pins,Bone plates,Screws,Bars,Rods,Wires,Posts,Expandable rib cages,Spinal fusion cages,Finger and toe replacements,Maxio-facial prosthetics.

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