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Method for identifying inferior products by titanium bars

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In the purchase of titanium products,we want to buy quality products, but how to distinguish between good and bad? Baoji Xilitong titanium industry from various angles, to teach you how to distinguish between the quality of titanium bars.

1.Inferior titanium rod is easy to fold. Folding is a variety of fold lines made of titanium bars, often through the entire longitudinal direction of the product. Folding of reason is because the fake manufacturers seeking high efficiency, the amount of pressure is too large, the occurrence, a rolling occurs when folding, bending cracks product folding, titanium material strength reduction.

2.Fake titanium rod appearance often pitted appearance. Because the groove wear pits caused severe titanium appearance irregular uneven defects. Because inferior titanium rod manufacturers seek profits, they often appear to be the most expensive rolling mills.

3.Inferior titanium bars of thin and thin tendons, often showing dissatisfaction with the appearance, the reason is that manufacturers in order to reach large negative public service, the product before a few of the pressure reduction is too large, iron type is small, filled with dissatisfaction.

4.Cheap titanium stick simple scratch, because the inferior titanium rod manufacturers equipment is simple, prone to burr, scratches titanium material appearance. Deep scratching reduces the strength of the titanium material.

5.Inferior titanium stick appearance prone to scarring. There are two reasons: (1) inferior titanium rod raw materials uneven, impurities. (2) inferior material manufacturers, guide and guard equipment is simple, simple sticky titanium, these impurities bite the roller prone to scarring.

6. Fake titanium rod oval, the reason is that manufacturers in order to save data, products and the first two reduction slants big, strength greatly reduced the titanium, and does not conform to the standard size of titanium screw.

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