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The future of titanium bars and titanium alloys

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Since its industrialization in 1951, titanium has been discovered since 1790. Titanium gradually shows its unique superior performance. Not only has the superior performance of metal structure data, but also has excellent corrosion resistance in many process media. The application of titanium can achieve obvious technical progress and economic benefits. Titanium is ten times as rich as copper and third metal after iron and aluminum is called "space metal"".

It is also rich in resources due to a range of titanium properties. After the industrial production of titanium came out, it was immediately attached great importance to. The first application of titanium was from the military and aviation industries. As early as the 1951, the United States used titanium materials for aircraft. The former Soviet Union and the United Kingdom also used mainly in the field of military and aviation.

Titanium products was first used in aviation, aviation market has been the main titanium market still accounts for 50% of the total world titanium market in 70s after the excellent performance of titanium has been widely recognized in the civilian industry, metallurgy, chemical industry, electric power applications such as civil industry increased year by year, the amount of steady growth. Believe that with the titanium rod and titanium alloy new applications from time to time development and development, in short. Titanium new dosage from time to time, the future of titanium new application market has bright prospects for development.

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