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Titanium price has updated

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   It is difficult to explain titanium prices by simple concepts, especially since the widespread use of titanium across all the industrial sectors. Moreover, the uses of titanium largely surpass its general perception as a structural metal. Titanium consumption after the cold ward is largely in the form of titanium dioxide. Titanium dioxide is the principal component of paint. Houses are more beautiful when painted.

  Therefore, titanium prices need to be looked at in their different instances, related to the forms titanium is manufactured and transactioned in world markets and to the different components of the cost of titanium.

  titanium sponge prices are on an ascending trend, which seems that is going to remain stable for at least some time, even if the air transport industry, arguably the mmost possible volume buyer for titanium metal, has yet to stabilize in order to fully accommodate the new economic conditions.

  This is a trait that is not shared by refined primary titanium products, such as ingots or billet. The prices of the main workhorse of the industry, TI6AL4V alloy, have been on a constant decline, down to $8 per pound, probably mainly due to the increased inventory levels that were accumulated in the pre-crisis periods.

  Other specialty prices that are of importance for the titanium industry are the prices of Ferro-titanium alloy, which has a large use in the steel industry, therefore being a important factor in the evolution of the titanium metal price and titanium scrap prices, which are sufficiently used as raw materials for primary fabrication in order to affect the price of the final product.

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