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Why buy titanium and titanium alloy metal from xilitong ?

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1     XLT, the company, is an" ISO9001:2008"  Certified manufacturer of titanium and titanium alloy mill products since 2008 in China. 
2         We can offer customized machined part according  to the drawing and meet your requirements.
3       We also can produce something special for our clients if we don’t obtain it in our stock.
4        All products will be detected strictly before shipping to ensure our perfect quality and our customers’ profit.
5       XLT routinely audits the quality of the products at the mill to ensure that there are no surprises. We understand that compromising quality for price does not benefit our customers. we are passionate about the product attributes that help you reduce processing and handling costs.
6       We work with you to ensure efficient stock planning, which ensures that a wide range of stock is available. You will be surprised to know how many popular items are available from our warehouse with send available within 24 hours.
We have titanium and titanium alloy bar and plate in stock ,and products list as follows:
  1. Titanium Gr1 and Gr2 bar ( x 3010mm L)  ASTM B348
          2.Titanium Gr5 bar(x 3010mm L)  ASTM B348
          3.Titanium Gr1 and Gr2 plate (1000mm W x 2000mm L)  ASTM B265
0.8mm T,1.0mm T,1.5mm T,2.0mm T,2.5mm T,3.0mm T,3.5mm T,4.0mm T,4.5mm T,5.0mm T,6.0mm T,8.0mm T,10.0mm T,12.0mm T,15.0mm T.                                        
          4.Titanium Gr5 plate (1000mm W x 2000mm L) ASTM B265
1.0mm T,1.5mm T,2.0mm T,2.5mm T,2.8mm T,3.0mm T,3.5mm T,3.8mm T,4.0mm T,4.5mm T,5.0mm T,5.5mm T,6.0mm T,6.5mm T,7.0mm T,8.0mm T,12.0mm T.

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