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ASME/ANSI B 18.15-1995 Shoulder Pattern Eyebolts

Material: titanium
Type: Titanium screws
Mainly chemical composition:Ti
Origin: Baoji China

  • titanium nuts
  • XLT
  • XLT-J684


ASME/ANSI B 18.15-1995 Shoulder Pattern Eyebolts

Standard DIN ANSI JIS BS EN GB IFI UNC BSW Or Customized
Material GR1 GR2 GR3 GR5 GR7 GR9 GR11 GR12 GR23 OR Customized
Size M2.5, M3.0,M3.5,M4.0……M10,M20,M30,M40,M50,M100
Description The titanium standard parts produced by our company adhering to the corrosion of titanium metal, silver colour, light, high quality characteristics of fast, good quality, price concessions, suitable for any products and electroplating industry, aerospace and Marine aquaculture industry.
Classify Hexagonal flat nut, domed cap nut, round nut, slotted round nut, nut tap, countersunk head screw, mimus screw, square head screw, dowel screw, Un-standard screws, Outside hexagon bolt, square neck bolt, ound head, sets of pad combination bolts, Hexagonal nut, locking nut, ring round nut,  knurled nuts,  slotted nuts, Precision machinery with hexagonal nut and so on.
Lenth 2mm-300mm
 Baoji China 
Application Marine,Airframes,GasTurbineEngines,
Heat exchangers ,Condensers,Desalination plant,Dental alloys,Pulp and paper, Centrifuges, Springs ,Sporting  equipment,Automotive ,Seawater piping ,Medical implants ,Electrochemistry,Steam turbines ,Food and pharmaceutical industry, Oil refining and gas industry, Jewellery, architecture, domestic appliances,bicycle,cars,moto.

37EM(M60H{I4%1]9NN]5{PTensile Requirements_

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