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Gr2 Titanium Mesh & Wire Mesh

Material: GR1&GR2 tiatnium.
Origin:Shanxi Baoji
Mainly chemical composition-Ti
Hole shape:Square and Round
Technical:Acid washing
Application:Filter, Protecting Mesh, Industrial Medical and so on.

  • GR2 titanium mesh
  • XLT
  • XLT-629

Pure titanium wire mesh

Material: GR1 GR2

Mesh account: 0.2mesh--300mesh(In case of special specifications, according to the customer requirements)

Flatness: The area is > =96% between the products and glass surface.

Titanium mesh was mainly used for sieving and filtering under the acid, alkali environmental conditions or gas and liquid or other medium separation. There are main plain weaving, twill weaving and Dutch weaving method. Plain weaving is the most common method, the main feature is that the density of the longitudinal and latitudinal wire is same. Twill titanium mesh was mainly used in petroleum, chemical industry, chemical fiber, aerospace and other industries. 


Titanium has the characteristics of light proportion, high strength, strong corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance, oxidation resistance, strong decoration, wear resistance and stable performance in filtering. It was regarded as strategic metal and the most valuable metal and reputation in the 21th century. Widely used in aerospace manufacturing industry, chemical machinery electric, desalination of sea water medical equipment and other fields, playing an very importent role in the national economic development.

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Titanium  properties:

Titanium chemical composition.

Material:grade 1


Fe<0.20.  C<0.08.  N<0.03.  H<0.015.   O<0.18 .

Residual element:0.1%-0.4%

Material:Grade 1.


Tensile Strength>240Mpa

Yield Strength>170Mpa


Area of reduction>30%


Titanium chemical composition.

Material:grade 2


Fe<0.30.  C<0.08.  N<0.03.  H<0.015.   O<0.25 .

Residual element:0.1%-0.4%

Material:Grade 2.


Tensile Strength>345Mpa

Yield Strength>275Mpa


Area of reduction>30%


Material:grade 5


Al:5.5-6.75. V:3.5-4.5. Fe<0.40.  C<0.08.  N<0.05.  H<0.015.   O<0.20 .

Residual element:0.1%-0.4%


Material:Grade 5.


Tensile Strength>895Mpa

Yield Strength>828Mpa


Area of reduction>25%

titanium production process