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titanium nails domeless nails titanium nail 14&19mm with male joint

Smoking nails are used to smoking,we need titanium metal to produce titanium nails are safe ,clearly.

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      Adjustable titanium nail is CNC machine made and produced from the highest quality GR2 titanium. The craftmanship behind this titanium nails makes it perfect for retaining heat under pressure and capable of being torched multiple times without corroding. This is the best titanium nail to use for dabbing.
      Available in 14mm or 19mm for female joints, this domeless salt-shaker-style nail has a cup with more surface area than most, making it the perfect accessory for dabbers who enjoy glob after glob. Made from Grade 2 Titanium , this nail is splatter-proof and offers great heat retention.
      Given its name by the air vents on its skillet, this salt shaker is a modern and sleek nail model featuring three fins under its bowl. Designed with Grade 2 Titanium, which is chemical free and won’t corrode, this nail offers incredible heat retention despite its oversized surface area, allowing its user to completely dry their dabbing tool.Concentrates volatilize immediately upon impact while the air vents capture any and all vapor produced, reducing waste and vapor loss.
       The male version of the Salt Shaker Domeless nail, made out of grade 2 titanium. This domeless nail fits all traditional 14mm and 19mm female ground joints. Ease of use. Versatile: Multiple proximal and distal locking options Nail connected distal targeting - accurate screw insertion and reduced X-ray exposure

Titanium chemical properties

Alloys spefications                                                                        Chemical composition/%
TiAlVPdSnFeCNHOResidual element
Each maxTotal max
GR2Remainder    0.300.080.030.0150.250.10.4
GR3Remainder    0.300.080.050.0150.350.10.4
GR4Remainder    0.500.080.050.0150.400.10.4
GR5Remainder5.5-6.753.5-4.5  0.400.080.050.0150.200.10.4
GR6Remainder4.0-6.0  2.0-3.00.500.080.030.0150.200.10.4
GR7Remainder  0.12-0.25 0.300.080.030.0150.250.10.4
GR11   0.12-0.25

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