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Titanium Screws Fastening Screw Professional Custom

We export Titanium Screws Fastening Screw Professional Custom and oyher Non-ferrous Metal Production

  • titanium screws
  • XLT
  • XLT-J010

Product description:
   1).Pure titanium and titanium alloy
   2). Origin: Shaanxi Baoji
   3).Mainly Chemical composition: Ti
   5). Specification: ASTM B265, AMS4911, GB/T3621-2007
   6) size: As per your request.
   1).Good oxidation resistance
   2).Economical and can produce the lowest consumption of the solid solder joints.
   3).Excellent weldability, good infiltration.
   4). High strength, corrosion resistance, light weight, long service life, nonmagnetic, surface coloring treatment.
    The titanium standard parts produced by our company adhering to the corrosion of titanium metal, silver, light, high quality characteristics of fast, good quality, price concessions, suitable for any products and electroplating industry, aerospace and Marine aquaculture industry. Material for GR2, more than 99.6% of the titanium content, exquisite workmanship, pure CNC numerical control processing, factory direct sale, can be customized processing.
     Marine,Airframes,Gas Turbine Engines , Heat exchangers ,Condensers,Desalination plant,Dental alloys,Pulp and paper, Centrifuges, Springs ,Sporting  equipment,Automotive ,Seawater piping ,Medical implants ,Electrochemistry,Steam turbines ,Nuclear waste storage,Food and pharmaceutical industry, Oil refining and gas industry, Jewellery, architecture, domestic appliances.